What does a typi​cal day look like? Will I have any free time?
Once campers arrive, generally you will be watching babies every day after breakfast for a couple of hours and then again after dinner for three to four hours. There will be a rotation of afternoon childcare assignments. When you are not on your rotation, your afternoons will be free time — time to nap, swim, take a walk, pray, etc. Read here for more details.
How many teen moms and babies will be at camp?
Each camp is a little different, but there will be approximately 75-150 teen moms and their babies.

How old will the babies at camp be?

The children at camp can range in age from six weeks to 48 months old.
How many children will I be watching?
You will be assigned to a nursery for the week. Each nursery will have 6-12 babies, and 4-8 childcare volunteers. 
Why is there a fee to participate in the YoungLives Experience?
If we did not charge the childcare volunteers, the cost would have to be passed on to the campers, in this case teen moms. Most of them cannot afford to come as it is, so instead we ask childcare volunteers to pay the YoungLives Experience fee to cover food and housing while at camp.
Can I get a donation receipt for my YoungLives Experience Fee?
The fee​ is considered a tax-deductible donation because the cost is covering expenses associated with your volunteer service, so you will receive a donation receipt for any payments towards your fee. 

If you fundraise your camp fee, amounts given by others toward your camp fee are also considered tax-deductible donations. In order to receive acknowledgement, these donations must be made out to Young Life and processed through Young Life’s headquarters. Please contact the camp childcare administrator for more information. A sample fundraising letter is also available for you to download and modify for your own use.
I am coming as a childcare volunteer​ for our local YoungLives group, can I just ride to camp with them?
No. All childcare volunteers must arrive early in order to participate in the REQUIRED training.
I am unable to stay the full wee​k of camp. Can I still come?
No. All volunteers must be able to come for the full week of camp. The first 24 hours include REQUIRED preparation and training. It is vital to create an atmosphere of trust right away with the teen moms. Many are nervous to drop their babies with strangers. Many of the babies have not been left in childcare before. When a new person shows up part way through the week or someone they have grown to trust leaves part way through the week, it creates a sense of instability and potentially creates a lack of trust. It is also important for the childcare volunteers in each nursery to bond and form a team and late arrivals and early departures interrupt that vital balance.
I am male. Can I come?
Absolutely! As long as you meet the minimum age requirements and complete all the paperwork, we would love to have you on one of our childcare teams! Having positive male role models are important for teen moms.
Can my 12 year-old child come with me to serve? He/she is responsible and loves children!
The minimum age for childcare volunteers is 14. There are NO exceptions to this policy. But as soon as your child turns 14, we would love to have them come, so please keep the YoungLives Experience in mind for future summers!
What are the age requirements?
 •Our minimum age is 14.
 •14 & 15 year olds need to have a parent or guardian with them.
 •16 & 17 year olds can come with a parent or other adult (YL leader, family friend, etc.) OR if they have impeccable babysitting references they can come alone. We prefer them to come with a leader or guardian, but exceptions can be made for mature teens with solid references.
I really want to come and serve, but I have a nursing baby or small child, can I bring them with me?
Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate childcare volunteers with babies or children. We need volunteers every summer, so please keep us in mind for future summers when you will be able to come child-free.
I am coming as a childcare volunteer for our local YoungLives group, can I stay in the cabin with them?
No. The days will be long and you will be spending a lot of time with babies. All childcare volunteers are housed separately from the babies to ensure adequate rest time. You will have plenty of time to interact with your YoungLives group during the day.
What should I pack?
Please pack comfortable clothes and shoes. You will be moving around with the babies and toddlers. You will want outfits which can get dirty and you will want a few extra outfits--you will be holding babies and they can be messy! You will need a sweatshirt or light jacket. You will also want something to carry your toiletries to the bathroom, as you will be sharing a bathroom. You will want some extra cash for the snack bar and store. Click here for a full packing list​.
Why all the paperwork?
The paperwork does take a chunk of time, but please understand this is for the safety of all the children coming to camp. We believe God uses this process to help you and us to discern if this service is the best fit for you. We want to ensure all the childcare volunteers are called and qualified to work with the children who will be at camp.
What types of food will be s​erved?
Young Life camps offer a variety of delicious meals for our guests. Meals are generally served family style and all of our kitchens offer options for those with special diets and food sensitivities. Please make sure to include these needs on your application.
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