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Attendees are responsible for their own travel expenses.*Arrival times are TBD so please do NOT make travel plans until further notifited by your camp admin. The camp fee is considered a tax-deductible contribution as you are paying to volunteer. We have fundraising resources availabe to you to ensure you can join us. Childcare camp fees depend on the number of days at camp. 
2020 pricing for all of our 5 day camps is $470.  These camps include: Camp Buckner (either week), Crooked Creek, Lake Champion, and WFR-Creekside.

2020 pricing for all of our 6 day camps is $564.  These camps include: Carolina Point (either week), Clearwater Cove, Lost Canyon, and Timber Wolf.

2020 pricing for serving BOTH weeks at Camp Buckner is $777.

2020 pricing for serving BOTH weeks at Carolina Point is $989.

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Each summer the YoungLives Experience needs hundreds of volunteers--it takes all types! Here is who can serve:
  • Men: Yes, men! Male childcare volunteers are great role models for teen girls who often have no positive male influences.
  • Women: We know you all love to snuggle those babies!
  • Family teams: For husband-wife, mom-daughter, whole family teams, or any combination you can think of, it is a chance to grow together.
  • Campaigners groups: It is a great way to live out Christ's call to service.
  • Committee or friends of YL: The YoungLives Experience offers the opportunity to see the ministry of Young Life first-hand.
  • Church missions teams: This is a great stateside mission trip opportunity which makes it possible for hundreds of teen moms to hear the Gospel.
  • High school or college kids: For those who are interested in work crew or summer staff but cannot commit to a whole month or for those who apply but do not get a spot, the YoungLives Experience is an amazing chance to give back to Young Life. We do ask teen age volunteers to have previous childcare experience.
  • Those starting a YoungLives group: The YoungLives Experience is a fantastic way to get a picture of the ministry up close.
Age Requirements
  • Teens ages 14-15 must come with a parent/legal guardian.
  • Teens ages 16-17 may come alone if they have an excellent recommendation and have experience with babies. However it is recommended they serve alongside an adult (their parent/guardian, Young Life leader, parent of a friend, etc.). Each adult leader may be accompanied by a maximum of three teens.
  • We are unable to accommodate volunteers under the age of 14. 
  • We are unable to accommodate volunteers wanting to bring nursing infants.
This is a sample itinerary. The final schedule at your location may vary, and even then the schedule is always in flux and may get adjusted on the fly. You will have a better experience if you remember this and stay flexible. 

EARLY MORNING​ ​Breakfast & Group Worship ​Breakfast & Group Worship ​Breakfast & Group Worship ​Breakfast & Group Worship
​Camp Clean Up & Breakfast
Training Session & Prepare Nurseries
​Provide Childcare in Nurseries ​Provide Childcare in Nurseries ​Provide Childcare in Nurseries ​Attend Club & "Say So" with Teen Moms
NOON ​​Check In at Camp​ ​Lunch ​Lunch ​Lunch ​Lunch
Departure with Sack Lunch
REQUIRED​ Training + Preparation
​Welcome Teen Moms & Babies to Camp ​Free Time ​Provide Childcare ​Free Time ​Free Time
DINNER​ ​Dinner ​Dinner ​Dinner ​Dinner ​Dinner ​Dinner
Provide Childcare in Nurseries
​Provide Childcare in Nurseries ​Provide Childcare in Nurseries ​Special Event ​Provide Childcare in Nurseries ​Provide Childcare in Nurseries

We anticipate caring for 100 or more children each week. Children range from infants through 3 years old.
You will be assigned to a nursery with a particular age group for the week. There will be about 6-12 children and about 4-8 childcare volunteers per nursery. You will be responsible for the general care, feeding and diapering of the children during planned camp activities for the moms. You will not be responsible for bathing children. For more specific details, read the Childcare Volunteer Job Description.   
We ask you to participate spiritually in caring for the children. The role you have in caring and praying for these dear friends is vitally important, and we rely heavily on your prayers even leading up to camp.
You will also be asked to participate in nursery group meetings and devotions and large group childcare meetings.
Childcare volunteers stay in dorm-style cabins with bunks with shared bathrooms. We are unable to accommodate married couples together. Some locations may have married housing options off the camp property or RV/camper hookups available. Please contact your camp's childcare administrator for more details about these options.  
Childcare volunteers sleep separately from the campers and babies. We want to make sure that all our childcare volunteers are well-rested and ready to care for babies each day!

YoungLives Experience Guidebook
The YoungLives Experience Guidebook has everything you need to know about the YoungLives Experience in one place.
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